The Truth About Business Consulting

The Truth About Business Consulting

Business Consulting: The Facts

Do you really understand the function of business consulting? Let’s clarify the concept first. Consulting is: using your expertise, knowledge, and abilities to find solutions that your prospective clients are seeking and to then have those prospects become clients who invest in your services. As a business consultant, you are actually paid to provide an external point of view to an organization.

As a business consultant, you analyze the existing practices of a company and make recommendations for improvements. You may specialize in a specific area of a business such as supply chain management.  You might be hired to develop employee-training programs or to streamline operations. If you have experience in industries such as retail, financial services, consumer packaged goods, or pulp and paper, as examples, you might decide to be a specialist in the industries you are most familiar with.  If you have deep experience that is technical by nature such as engineering, IT programming, social media marketing, website design, SEO, or a certain type of equipment, you might decide to specialize your consulting business around your background with a technical industry. The possibilities of what you specialize in as a consultant are endless.

Business consultants look at organizations and companies and see a problem they are having and create solutions to fix those issues. Consultants begin by assessing a company’s situation by reviewing financial statements, evaluating competitors, and analyzing business practices. Once the research phase is complete, business consultants typically develop a new business model and make recommendations to the client.

You might have an undergraduate degree in business management, business administration, marketing or accounting, or even communications.  Some business consultants hold MBA’s and others may have degrees in engineering or other fields. Even lawyers are in the field of business consulting.

Today is a great time to be a business consultant because the field is set to grow by about 19% from now until 2022.

If you have ever considered the field of consulting the boom is happening right now and no matter what the economy does your business will continue to grow and you can enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle.

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