Should YOU Consider Consulting?

Should YOU Consider Consulting?

Who Should Consider A Career As A Business Consultant?

Business owners, authors, trainers, speakers, business leaders, coaches, specialists and experts … to name a few.

Virtually anyone who has an expertise or a skill set that would help someone achieve their business goals or goals as a business leader or manager (including personal goals), can be a consultant.  In fact, we’re willing to bet that you may already be a consultant and not even realize it.

Do you have how to expertise products, advice or services?

Do you have a business where you show your customers how they can get the most from your products or services?

Has anyone ever asked your advice?

Then you already are a consultant and you are leaving money on the table by not acting or promoting yourself as one.

The Survey: Consultants Are Just Like YOU

We conducted a survey of our mastermind clients and the people who have attended our live training workshop, Power Up Your Consulting Business, to find out about their motivations, their experience, and their aspirations to be consultants.  Here are some of the insights we gleaned from their feedback and from reviewing demographics, their motivations, and their aspirations.


90.4% of our survey participants were at least 40 years old, which implies they have years of practical experiences that have developed into expertise.

65.5% have hired a consultant in their career, which means they have an idea of what interacting with consultants looks like and have some familiarity with the role.

67.3% have worked as a consultant before, which also means that nearly one-third do not have consulting experience and are just starting on their journey.

34.6% have been consulting for longer than ten years and 15.4% between five and ten years, so there was a significant experience in our survey participants.

51.9% of consultants are women as compared to 48.1% men – implying that this is no longer a male-dominated industry.

And we’re guessing that you are not that different from other people who are now pursuing consulting.

We are curious about your comments and how you stack up.

Let us know and let’s connect.

What did you learn from our survey?


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