Business Coach? Business Consultant? What Do You Call Yourself?

Business Coach? Business Consultant? What Do You Call Yourself?

Am I A Consultant?  Am I A Coach?

Sometimes I find business coaches and business consultants aren’t certain which title they should be going by and they are confused and confusing their potential clients.

A coach is someone who does not provide answers and helps clients create their own solutions.  A consultant gives advice, provides solutions, helps create and execute strategy and may also use some coaching tools to help clients discover their answers.

Coaching is actually a form of consulting which only brings limited tools to a client engagement.  A consultant has a much deeper and richer toolbox and is paid to deliver results.  A coach wants the client to do the work and doesn’t promise a result.

Knowing just this information, which person would you hire if you had a real problem that you needed solved that was costing you time, money, effort and frustration?  Would you want to figure out your own answers slowly or would you want to invest in someone who actually has your answers, will deliver your results and will also help you find some of your own inner answers?

Which one do you believe brings higher value to you?  Which would you invest your hard earned money, time, effort, energy in?  Which one would you have higher trust in?

I believe you would choose business consulting.

If you are currently a business coach chances are you aren’t earning a decent income. Coaches are paid a lot less because they aren’t accountable for results and people pay for results, not for time, not for skill, not for education and not for knowledge. They pay for a person who has a process, method or system that gets them the result they want and saves them time, money, effort or something else.

If you are a business coach it is time for you to learn business consulting skills so you can join a very credible profession that is higher paid and where you will still be able to use your coaching skills to help your clients.

Business consultants are in very high demand.  Just be certain you don’t all of the sudden call yourself a business consultant while only having coaching tools or your clients will be unhappy when you show up without a process or method to deliver them concrete results.

Get training and mentorship so that you can provide consulting in an ethical way that makes a real significant difference to your clients.

Want some help?  We are experts in creating 7 figure consultants and would be happy to help you. Let us know.

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