A Look Inside Business Consultant Institute

About Business Consultant Institute


Consultants Transform Businesses.

We Transform Consultants.

Business Consultant Institute is where we share the insights, perspectives, proven practices, tips, tactics, tweaks and techniques of the world’s most successful Elite Business Consultants.

We are the only elite business consultant mentoring program that provides a guaranteed, proven formula to maximize your revenues and profits so that you can enjoy the life you desire. You’ll learn our proprietary approaches to attract exclusive clients that happily pay you premium fees—because you deliver extreme value with integrity.


We help you quickly grow your client base and significantly raise your fees, which lead to HUGE growth and profit for your business.

Grow your client base:

  • Position yourself in your market space to stand out as the most credible expert for your clients to select
  • Attract clients to you so you are not chasing disinterested leads
  • Convert prospects into long-term and high-paying clients
  • Keep clients for the long-term as they become raving fans and refer tons of new business to you


Raise your fees:

You will enjoy higher fees as you deliver game-changing value to your clients using our secrets to maximizing your client impact.


More clients and higher fees lead to HUGE growth and profit for your business.

The founders of Business Consultant Institute are full time, professional consultants to all kinds of businesses. The consultants who are part of our institute range from those who desire to add consulting to already established careers, to fellow pro business consultants seeking the highest level strategies to up their game—and their revenue. You will benefit from Business Consultant Institute if you are a: If you work with business leaders to help them improve their companies, then you will benefit from the Business Consultant Institute’s proven, proprietary systems.

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  •  Speakers
  •  Coaches
  •  Business Leaders
  •  Entrepreneurs
  • Experts
  •  Authors
  •  Educators
  • Influencers
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  • Advisors

Meet your mentors—the Business Consultant Institute founders.

Terri Levine is a business mentor to business leaders in Corporate America and to entrepreneurs. She built her own multimillion-dollar businesses, and has succeeded as an executive, a coach, and a consultant. Her coaching school, Comprehensive Coaching U, has trained over 5000 coaches.


Pete Winiarski is a business consultant who has supported clients with revenues that range from $1 million to $80 billion in revenue. He leads his own multimillion-dollar consulting company and has excelled in executive and consulting roles for a wide variety of companies.

Together, Terri and Pete noticed how much business consultants fight to make it on their own. They typically struggle to find clients, charge fees below their real value, have cash flow challenges, yet work too hard and are way too stressed out.

They founded the Business Consultant Institute to reverse this trend and help them enjoy thriving consulting companies with plenty of clients, cash flow, and free time. Their mission is to “help consultants maximize their impact for their clients, while operating in the highest integrity, which then creates an abundance of clients and income for consultants.”

Both Terri and Pete and their associates welcome YOU to the Business Consultant Institute and look forward to helping you power up your consulting business and skyrocket YOUR revenue!